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Free Sheet Music
In October 1999 Music stores started and its sole aim was to offer free classical sheet music. They had provided 15 pieces in the beginning for downloading still visitors toll would rise up to 50 per day. But now you are provided with large number of free sheet music.It also contains a team of copyists working hard on making fresh material for the site. Files are available in different formats of Midi, Graphic and PDF for download.
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Free Instruments Info
Instruments are the devices on which music can be played. Many of the instruments have a reed or string which creates sound waves on vibrating. Musical tone is produced when large number of air vibrations occurs per second. The instrument player can change the loudness, pitch, quality and duration of the tone. There are different types of instruments categorized as wind instruments, stringed instruments, keyboard instruments, electronic instruments and percussion instruments.
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Free Scores For Piano..
Free-scores has been working for the past 9 years to feature two free sheet music sections that are the Download section and the Directory of free sheet music. You have to obey certain norms and regulations for both of them if you wish to use each sheet music. Also some shop sections are provided in order to keep the website alive.
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Free Instrument Sounds
Free instruments sounds are made available to you for royalty free use. These sounds can be used in your commercial multimedia project. You can also use these sounds on your website as background sounds under certain norms which dont allow you to resell in a sound collection or can not make them available on a website for downloading purposes.
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Free Instrument Tuner
Instrument tuner is a kind of professional software that helps you to tune any instrument with a laptop. Even complex instruments such as an organ or a piano can be easily tuned up and instruments can also be verified using instrument tuner.It offers you a list of several tuners you have to match the instrument that is to be tuned.
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Music Instrument Clipart
You can download various music clip arts for different purposes for free. You can use these clip arts in your worksheets, educational purposes, homework and quizzes. Using these boring assignments can be made in to fun. Graphics offered to you on the site are completely free for commercial and private use but you have to follow certain norms like you can not use them as a part of logo, can not add them in another set of clip art etc.
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