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Prank Calls

Last Update: Tuesday, December 29, 2015 At: 20:6:37 (Total Listings: 4)
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Black Out
If you are new to the site, and don't know what itis about, how to listen to anything, or what MP3Pro is, click here or on the MP3Pro logobelow to get everything you need to experiencethe BOX! Hit RUN and simply follow the prompts.It is free and contains no VIRUSES or SPYWARE!Then click the studio picture to get the full feautureNEW TIMES story on this site and be sure toread the ORIGIN and DISCLAIMER WARNING
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Comedy Calls
This is a free prank call website that allows you to send funny stuff to your friends phones, all you have to do is sign up, enjoy your friends reactions and have loads of laughs.
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Prank Dial
Send a prank call to one of your friends for free and laugh at the reaction you get, this website will allow you to send 2 free prank calls a day when you have signed up...
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Voice Recognition Software****SITE DOWN****Do you have a family member, friend or maybe even an enemy who you would like to wind up. Maybe you'd like to get your boss with a hilarious crank call. This site offers two different services, one the traditional prank call including Mr Angry plus other and the one I chose is the Name & Frame service this used voice recognition software, so the prank used the name of my friend who I wanted to wind up. It was very realistic and my mate had no idea it was a prank, worked a treat!
(Listed On Thu Mar 22 12:32:03 2012)
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